When learning is hard, everything seems hard.

Educational Therapy recognizes that smart students can struggle with learning and that this struggle can impact the student academically, socially and emotionally.  That is why identifying challenges through a therapeutic environment is so important.  When students feel safe to ask questions, express frustration, and try new things – even some that don’t work out- the students can open themselves up to new ways of learning.

I help students to face these challenges by understanding how they learn, and how their emotions and intellect impact their approach to learning.  We practice techniques to address learning from both an academic and a social emotional perspective.

I especially enjoy working with students facing these challenges:

Reading:  Decoding and comprehension

Writing:  Handwriting, keyboarding and communicating well using the written word

Math:  Mastering math facts, understanding concepts and using structured approaches to solve problems

Executive functioning development:  Time management, organization, self-regulation, task initiation and follow-through, setting priorities, and understanding which among many ideas or tasks are the important ones (saliency).

Social skills:  Learning techniques to understand the “unwritten social rules” that drive relationships.  Helping students understand how their cognitive struggles can influence their social interactions, and strategies to manage these challenges.

In summary, my job is identifying challenges students struggle with uniquely and  develop a therapeutic learning plan that will empower that student to learn and grow both academically and socially.

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