All students can learn, but not all learn in the same way.

I first encountered Educational Therapy when I learned about my son’s learning disability.  I realized that although he was intelligent, and learned successfully in specific ways, there were a lot of ways that did not work for him.  Tutors provided specific content support like fractions and chemistry.  But, I found that my son also needed to be taught how to learn, how to tell teachers what he needed, and how his learning profile impacted him in social settings.  I discovered that Educational Therapy helped our whole family.  As our son gained skills and confidence, our family became more confident.  We learned how to structure our parenting practices to provide the right amount of structure and freedom for both of our children to thrive.

I already had a BA degree in sociology from Wellesley College when I learned of my son’s learning challenges.  I decided to attend Holy Names University to better understand learning disabilities and earned a Master’s in Education with a specialty in Educational Therapy.  While attending graduate school, I worked as a classroom shadow for two students with learning and behavioral challenges.  My experience with my son, in the classroom and in graduate school gave me an excellent foundation to begin my Educational Therapy practice.

I am trained in educational assessment, reading remediation, math remediation, writing remediation, and executive function development.  I especially enjoy working with students in elementary and middle school.  As students develop specific academic skills and fill gaps in their learning foundation, they also learn what methods work best for them and how to use those techniques to surmount the challenges they encounter.

I establish a safe, trusting relationship with students which allows them to take risks, ask questions and “try on” ways of learning that they my not be willing to attempt in other venues.  In this therapeutic setting we learn from mistakes, celebrate successes, and reflect on both what was learned and how it was learned.

I am certified by the Association of Educational Therapists.  I am bound by the continuing education, confidentiality and ethical practices of this professional organization as well as state Mandatory Reporting laws.

I recently relocated to the Twin Cities and am excited to begin providing Educational Therapy  services to students and their families in this area.

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